Our new resident, Al and I were both born in 1955. He has a ponytail that hangs halfway down his back. I can’t remember if I have ever seen him without a do-rag on his head. His wife, Anita, has a baseball-sized spider tattooed on her right forearm, resting on a delicate white web. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are bikers. Little about their lifestyle sets them apart from their far more conventional neighbors. And I know they aren’t hippies either. I remember watching the hippies on the news, raising havoc, and wishing I was old enough to drive and bold enough to be a part of the action. No, Al, Anita and I are too young to be hippies, but it’s clear we bought into the freewheelin’ attitude they fostered.

I was curious to see how this new couple would fit in at Cornell Trace, and ready to go to the wall for them with the Silent Generation. I’m thrilled and humbled to say that the Generation Gap is apparently no more than a crease in the fabric in our community. I herewith offer my most humble apologies to the Cornell Trace residents of my parents’ generation for fearing that your years of experience hadn’t taught you a thing or two about human nature and acceptance.  Of course it makes things pretty easy to accept when your new neighbors are a generous and kind as Al and Anita.

It’s a good thing, because our numbers are on the rise! In the past two years the percentage of Boomers I have helped move into our community has risen from a scant 25% to nearly 50%, so I guess the most senior of our community may have just looked around and decided to go with the flow. I suppose it’s needless to say that I feel more at home here now.

I am always reminded of my “youth” when I take part in Doris R.’s jewelry-making classes. Doris has a great talent for creating elegant, timeless jewelry, and the gift of patience and teaching that make her classes a no-miss experience. You are virtually guaranteed to come away with a treasure. I always do, but… My classmates tend to find my flights of fancy a little “out there”. Doris has tried to nudge me back onto the straight and narrow occasionally to spare me from comments like, “Oh, that’s really different”, or, “Well, look at that!,” but I’m incorrigible. Next time Doris has a class, I’m going to do all I can to get Anita to come, too!

So, Boomers, the time is ripe! Unload a bunch of that “stuff” that surrounds you and weighs you down, dump the responsibility of home maintenance and join us at Cornell Trace. It’s not the Old Folks Home, no matter what your age. It’s a great place to live!

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