Flexible Senior Living Arrangements

Room For Bargain Hunters

Maybe you aren’t one of the folks with a home to sell or enough retirement savings put away to pay the entire Fee for Occupancy that would get you into a patio home at Cornell Trace Senior Independent Living Community.  Or maybe the idea of getting a great deal on residency here is especially appealing to you.  I have already explored the virtues of communal living in an earlier blog post, Affordable Senior Cohousing at Cornell Trace.  I recommend it to the bargain hunters who want to start saving money from the minute they put down their deposit, but there are other financial advantages to living in our community.

Savings For the Long Run

Don’t wait to free yourself from home maintenance chores.  With our financial model, you are effectively paying all your rent up front.  Whether you live here 3 years or 30 years, you take 76% of your initial Fee for Occupancy with you when you leave.*  We welcome residents to make contracts for occupancy at 62 years old,** and our oldest current resident (living independently very successfully, by the way) cleared that bar 36 years ago.  Move into a 2000 sq. ft. unit today at 62 years old, live with us until you are 98, and your monthly rent would work out to $139.

Like most people, you will want to live in your home at Cornell Trace as long as you safely can, but one winter day you may look at that big, 50 gallon roll-out garbage can you need to get from your garage to the curb, and then roll back between the snow flakes after the garbage truck has carried your trash away. “No more!,” you say. Now you are faced with a number of difficult choices: do you continue to struggle alone with responsibilities within your home, saving chores for your family (if you have them) to do when they drop by?  Do you move to a higher level of care, pay thousands each month, and give up your privacy and control simply because you can no longer stand on a step ladder or rearrange the furniture?  What else can you do?

At Cornell Trace, your have the freedom to employ the services of a home care agency for as few or as many hours per week as you determine will meet your needs.  At monthly Thrivers events representatives of these agencies are frequent sponsors, and you will have the opportunity to meet them, ask questions, and get a feel for the depth of their care and commitment to your satisfaction. Let the idea grow on you from the beginning that home help care is a tool that makes it possible to live independently longer.  When the time comes and you could use a little help, you will be able to see it as the next logical–and economical step.

Solutions for Family Caregivers

Congratulations!  Your children are now adults and out on their own.  Now it’s your parents who depend more and more on you for help and care.  You spend as much time at their home as you do theirs, keeping you too exhausted to even maintain your own house and yard!  There is a solution at Cornell Trace: the 2000 sq ft. unit has a split bedroom plan, providing a cushion of space and privacy between the two suites.  Say goodbye to yard work, scheduling service calls, and plunging the toilet.  Save your energy for caring for your loved ones–and yourself.  Enjoy the savings of combining two households in a community filled with wonderful, supportive neighbors and plenty of ways to relax.

We love families.  Do you care often for your grandchildren?  What about a grandchild that needs to live in town while attending college?  Any of our floor plans can accommodate young members of your family.  The grounds of Springhurst Pines and the amenities of the area make it easy to find recreation for anyone of any age.

Don’t forget your pet!  Your fur babies under 25 pounds are welcome here, and they will have plenty of company on walks around our campus.

Are You Starting to Get Ideas?

If you need creative solutions for your active retirement lifestyle, you should give Cornell Trace a call.  We are excited about coming up with just the right combination for you, your family and your friends!


*Return of 76% of Fee for Occupancy may be reduced by sums adequate to repair damage beyond ordinary wear and tear caused by the resident
**Signatories to the contract must be 62 years of age. Spouses or additional residents of the unit may be under 62 years of age.

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