Enjoy the Senior Independent Living lifestyle at Cornell Trace

Don’t Miss Out on the Senior Independent Living Lifestyle

Do you feel like all you do is take care of your stuff: the leaks, the funny noises, the cracks, the weeds?  Are you outsourcing more and more of your maintenance chores to service companies or family?  Do you plop down at the end of the day and think of the ways you would rather be using your time–and then doze off in your chair?  The benefits of the senior independent living lifestyle could be just the change you are looking for.  Cornell Trace is a place where folks enjoy living.

Feel That Freedom

“I only wish I’d made this move earlier.”  That’s a remark I have heard from Cornell Trace residents over and over again.   The earlier healthy, able bodied folks move to Cornell Trace, the greater their opportunity to enjoy the advantages of Independent Living in our community. Our maintenance services and the safety features in our patio homes work wonders reducing risk and stress.  Instead of doing chores our residents can use their energy to make friends of their neighbors and put down the roots that make Cornell Trace truly their home. By tapping into community support they also help relieve the concern their friends and family can feel.

Happy families are an important part of our culture.  The spacious patio homes and the beautiful clubhouse provide plenty of room for regular visits, celebrations, and making memories.  Cousins, sisters, and even parents and children often live side by side at Cornell Trace, an arrangement that makes it easy to be there for loved ones.  With the chance to live safely and comfortably for many years at Cornell Trace, folks begin to regard it as the family homeplace.

Independent, but Well-Connected

The Senior Independent Living Lifestyle doesn’t mean we won’t be there for you.  Take a look at the Calendar of Events on the website; our schedule makes it easy to break the ice and meet your neighbors.  And what about the world beyond your door?  Getting out and about is so much more appealing when your car is warm and dry in an attached garage. When you are away, we keep right on working for you.  The Property Manager and maintenance staff are available to receive calls from the security monitoring station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; if you can’t be home for a maintenance or repair call, we can be there in your place; and world travelers and snowbirds will return home from extended trips to well-manicured lawns.

At Cornell Trace. you can declare your independence from the tyranny of stuff.  Let us take over the maintenance of your home.  We understand you have a lot better things to do with your time and energy!



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